Software Version 02.11.05

DS1000/2000 Software Version 02.11.05 is available for download. This new software provides:

In DS2000, the Update Utility requires software version 02.11.00 or higher. You must use a PC Card to update prior DS2000 versions. Contact NEC America Customer Service at 800-365-1928 for more on the 02.11.05 PC Card update for DS2000.

Downloading Software
There are 3 basic steps to update your system software:
  1. Read the Update Utility and installation instructions
  2. Download the new DS1000/2000 02.11.05 system software.
  3. Use the Update Utility to upload the new DS Series software to your phone system.
To install the Update Utility:
  1. Read the Update Utility Quick Reference.
  2. Click on this link to download the Update Utility installer (ds_series_update_util_setup.exe) to your PC desktop.
    Do not run the installer directly from this screen.
  3. Following the instructions in the Quick Reference, install the DS Series Update Utility on your PC.
To download DS Series System Software:
  1. Click here to download the DS1000 02.11.05 or DS2000 02.11.05 system software to your PC.
    - Save the file in a convenient location on your hard disk.
To upload the new software into your phone system:

    Read the Update Utility Quick Reference for the specifics.

  1. Start up the Update Utility.
  2. Connect to the phone system.
  3. Load the DS1000/2000 02.11.05 software file (using the Read button).
  4. Upload the DS1000/2000 02.11.05 software file to the phone system (using the Update button).