Caller ID

Troubleshooting Intermittent Caller ID
The DS-series Caller ID is timing-based DSP detection, which is the latest technology in affordable Caller ID detection. Since it is timing based, it is very important that the Central Office (telco) send a standard ring signal. If your central office is supplying Distinctive Ring or an erratic ring cadence, it may cause reliability problems.

To test Caller ID, perform the following test:

  1. Connect an analog phone with Caller ID capability in front of the phone system directly to one of the problem CO lines.
  2. Place several local, cell phone, and long distance calls to THAT line.
  3. Listen for the ring cadence. It should ALWAYS have the same pattern.
    • The most reliable pattern is 2 seconds of ring and 3-4 seconds of silence. The DS-Series can support other ring cadences, but this cadence is recommended.
    • The cadence should begin with a full 2 second ring, then 3-4 seconds of silence, followed by another 2 second ring. If this pattern is different in any way, please call your local telco and have them shut distinctive ring off and/or correct the erratic ring cadence.