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DS System Software 03.22.12
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* Setting up a Flash key on a BDS Cordless Telephone

* DS1000/2000 Software Upgrade Guidelines

* DS1000/2000 label P/Ns 80650-22, 80650-22, and 80650-24DSS require DESI Lite software.

* Troubleshooting intermittent Caller ID in DS1000/2000.

* When using the DS1000/2000 System Administrator to back up and restore site data, be sure to use the latest version for both operations. This ensures that all site data can be restored, and is very important during a software upgrade.

* In version 03.**.** DS2000, upgrading your system software also automatically upgrades the firmware in your ATRU (analog trunk) and ASTU (analog station) PCBs. After upgrading or restoring your database, it may take 3 or 4 minutes for the firmware in your analog trunk and station cards to finish upgrading. Do not reset the system during the firmware upgrade - just let the process finish. For example, after upgrading or restoring your database, wait for the yellow LEDs on your analog trunk cards to go out and the green LEDs to flash normally.

* If your DS1000/2000 doesn't have a music source installed, consider disabling (N) 0201-MOH On Transfer. This ensures that transferred callers will hear ringback (instead of silence) while they wait for their transfer to go through.

* After upgrading your DS1000/2000 software, to ensure proper feature operation be sure that all new programming options are set to their correct default values.

* If your DS1000/2000 doesn't have a music source installed, be sure to disable (N) 0201-Background Music. This will prevent noise from being broadcast through the telephone speaker while idle.

* If unanswered, Door Box chimes automatically cancel after 6 seconds. Extensions that chimed will still be able to answer the Door Box for up to 30 seconds.

* If unanswered, Door Box Ring Group ringing will automatically cancel after 60 seconds. Extensions will not be able to answer the Door Box after the ringing stops.

* When installing NVM-2e or VANGARD Mail, always create a second System Administrator's mailbox and store the password in a safe place. Use this second System Administrator's mailbox as a backup.

* When using 9902-Slot Assignment in DS2000 to install trunks in version 2 software, be sure your first trunk extension number is 401. This ensures proper Voice Mail integration.

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